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The Business Side Of Podiatry Revenue.

Curated Insights From Our Founder and CEO Gisele.

Founder’s Book

Make More Money without Working More Hours

There’s a lot more to a healthy podiatry practice than treating patients. You have to build a strong team, design a smooth workflow, and keep the money coming in-which isn’t always easy. In fact, your greatest roadblock to financial success could be your own billing department. They may, in fact, be leading you to financial ruin.

Founder’s Book

In The Business Side of Podiatry Revenue, Gisele shares her knowledge of revenue cycle management. It’s no secret that podiatrists do not learn business in school. We often get minimal exposure in our residency programs. Gisele shares what should be required reading for every graduating resident. In the book, she breaks down the life cycle of a claim. She also covers how to handle things if they don’t go as expected.

Gisele knows how to communicate complex issues. She is a featured speaker at the meetings of the American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management (AAPPM). She is always open to answering specific questions from the attendees. When Gisele explains it, it makes sense.

I highly recommend every podiatrist read The Business Side of Podiatry Revenue. It’s not only for beginners. You will find pearls that will help you keep more of your money. You will be able to regain the financial control of your practice.

Andrew Schneider, DPM

Vice President, American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management

Earn More with Billing Efficiency

Join Donald Pelto and Paradocs Founder and Author Gisele Saenger on an interview about billing efficiency tips for your practice.

About the Author

Enter Gisele Saenger, founder ParaDocs Medical Revenue Center. Since 2004, she’s been working exclusively with podiatrists to increase their revenues, accelerate their time to payment, and reduce the risk of denied claims. The result is a population of podiatrists who have expanded their bottom line without working more hours.