At ParaDocs Medical Revenue Center, helping you succeed is what we do best. In addition to our monthly medical billing services, we provide consulting for a one-time fee.

Our billing consulting services provide compliance auditing to identify problems, strengths, and weaknesses while suggesting resolutions ensuring billing accuracy, continued payment, and practice growth opportunities.

Our analysis includes assessment of your:

  • Current policies
  • Tasks and activities performed by staff members
  • Aging receivables
  • Coding compliance
  • Procedure utilization
  • Practice fee schedule
  • Other relevant reports

Benefits of Hiring ParaDocs Billing Consulting Services

When you choose to work with ParaDocs, you benefit from:

  • Industry knowledge. Our billing team is highly experienced and brings a solid perspective of what other medical practices are doing as well as what it would take to match or outperform the others.
  • Objective outsider’s perspective. Being too involved or too close to the problem may be an impediment to see it. Fresh eyes can often identify issues relatively quickly.
  • Mentoring and training. We are happy to share our knowledge and help clients take control of the success of their podiatry practices.

What to Expect From the Consulting Process

The billing consulting process consists of the following workflow:

  1. Business association agreement. As we will be exposed to patient private healthcare information, the business association agreement (BAA) is required by HIPPA guidelines and compliance.
  2. Information collection via conference call. We will be interviewing the doctor, office manager, and/or any other staff member to learn about your current podiatry practice situation.
  3. Collect printed data reports. You will be requested to provide a list of documents and reports.
  4. Data analysis and conclusion. Based on the data collected, our team will review and discuss your practice. We will prepare written documentation of our findings and conclusions.
  5. Conclusion conference call. Our team will be available to discuss potential solutions and answer any questions related to the analysis.
  6. Conclusion email. You will receive an email that includes the conclusion report for your review, records, and reference. (After the written conclusion is delivered, ParaDocs is available to answer any questions or inquiries via phone or email.)
  7. Follow up call. After 40 days from phase 6, a ParaDocs analyst will reach out for updates on the changes previously discussed. Clarifying questions can be answered if necessary.

All services performed by ParaDocs are in accordance with applicable state and federal laws, accreditation standards, and practice policies and procedures. We work with experienced podiatrists looking to expand as well as newcomers who are struggling to make their practices profitable.

No matter what you’re trying to achieve, you’ll have comprehensive support from our team of experienced billing analysts. Contact us today to learn more about how our consulting services can benefit your business.